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Qapter Connect

View Repair Status Online, 24/7

QapterConnect is a unique customer service solution for collision repair facilities. It allows vehicle owners, your customers, to literally “see” the progress of their vehicle repair through the Internet and your interactive web site.

Each day, digital photos are uploaded and posted to a repair facility web site along with the latest vehicle repair status. Vehicle owners can check on their vehicle at home, work and at any time  via the internet. Your repair facility in now open 24 hours a day!


Reduce Incoming Calls, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Secure New Business

By providing a communication channel for  vehicle owners to get instant repair updates,  Qapter Connect substantially  reduces incoming  phone calls, improves cycle time and in the end increases customer satisfaction. Improved customer  satisfaction levels generate referral  business, strengthening existing direct repair  relationships and helping  secure new business.

Many QapterConnect customers have reported an increase in business, as insurance companies  are impressed with the new level of customer  service achieved with QapterConnect.

In addition, QapterConnect is an excellent closing  tool. Prospective customers will be impressed  by the level of communication technology and  transparency offered by your repair facility and  this will help you secure their business.


Easy Online Access to Repair Updates and Photos

24/7 access to vehicle photos and status notes will keep customers up-to-date on repair progress

Insurance adjusters do not need to visit a shop for supplement  approvals. They can review the vehicle with the photos online.


Internal Vehicle Management System

With the Internal Vehicle Management system, repairers are  able to see the progress of all vehicles at a glance. If a vehicle has remained in the repair process too long, an alert will be sent out.


Efficient Communication Channels - Text, Email, Online

Since the latest vehicle repair status and photos are available on your web site, your customers have fewer reasons to call and incoming calls will reduce substantially.

Vehicle owners can choose to receive status updates via email  and text message and in time more of your customers will use email and the web instead of the phone for updates. That  means that your service advisors will be able to better organise  their time instead of constantly being interrupted by the phone. Reduced phone calls and improved cycle time will  maximize business efficiency.