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Trusted the world over, Audatex has redefined global knowledge and data insight in risk and asset management since 1983.

As part of the Solera, a global leader in risk and asset management data and software solutions for the automotive and insurance industries, we draw on our broad global claims market experience to identify and implement best practices that drive continuous improvement for our local customers and their trading partners. Audatex connects people, bodyshops, insurers and suppliers, empowering all to make quicker, smarter decisions. By removing opinion, waste, friction and error, Audatex delivers a superior customer journey through its market leading software.

Operating in South Africa for 37 years, Audatex South Africa processes 81% of all Insurance claims locally with over 1300 repairers as clients. Our local database is extensive, covering an estimated 14 million part records with 1349 models and 2083 OEM repair tips. Our database is continuously monitored and maintained, covering comprehensive graphics on 98.73% of South Africa‚Äôs passenger & LDV car parc.    Our core product Abuntex, is a digital tool which provides an accurate valuation of repair costs to damaged vehicles based on OEM repair operations and times. One of the major strengths of the Audatex database is the inclusion of unique repair logic, which takes into account the steps involved in carrying out a repair, such as the removal and replacement of adjacent parts, thereby offering a scientific calculation.

At Audatex, our mission is to add value to our customers by making available a range of innovative, cost effective and integrated solutions and services that streamline and accelerate the motor repair and claims process. New technologies and processes are shaping the way our industry evolves. We pro-actively stay in tune with customer and market needs, delivering solutions that help our customers operate efficiently and profitably.