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View Repair Status Online, 24/7

QapterConnect/ClaimsWatch is a unique customer service solution for collision repair facilities. It allows your customers to literally “see” the progress of their vehicle repair at your interactive web site. Each day, digital photos are uploaded and posted to the repair facility web site along with the latest vehicle repair status. Vehicle owners can check on their vehicle at home, work and at any time via the internet. Your repair facility is now open 24 hours a day!


The ClaimsWatch interface, is a web based application which give you access to a dashboard which highlights where all your vehicles are in the repair process.

-       Enabling claim management in an easy click

-       Single click to update status

-       Customers informed by sms and email

-       Repair status visibility

-       Streamlined repairer/insurer communication

-       Reporting Functionality

-       CSI Surveys


Since the latest vehicle repair status and photos are available, your customers have fewer reasons to query thus reducing incoming calls substantially.  

Vehicle owners can choose to receive status updates via email  and text message and in time more of your customers will use email and the web instead of the phone for updates.

Reduced phone calls and improved  repair cycle time will maximize business efficiency.