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Audatex Estimating

Accurate Estimates the First Time, Every Time

Audatex Estimating enables insurers, collision repair professionals and independent appraisers to generate the most accurate estimates, the first time, every time.


Key features and benefits include:

Powerful Estimating Database: The most comprehensive and widely accepted database in the collision repair market.
Intelligent Graphics: Unparalleled graphical insight into parts and repairs translates into improved estimating accuracy and faster cycles.
Ongoing Data Updates: Stay current with monthly  part price updates.
Easy Navigation: A straightforward design and intuitive fields allow quick processing. Plus, estimating has never been easier with interactive graphics, a parts-search utility, the ability to add attachments, and more.
Streamlined Communication:Exchange information and share estimates quickly and efficiently.
Estimating Organization:
Get your business on track, with a wide range of reports covering new estimates, labor, parts lists, work orders and more.

Seamlessly Integrated Add-Ons Maximize Estimating Accuracy

The Audatex Estimating platform delivers accurate estimates the first time, every time. It is powered by the industry standard Audatex Collision Estimating Database, providing comprehensive, up-to-date estimating data so you can work efficiently and intelligently. But to really sharpen your competitive edge, Audatex offers a variety of related add-ons that seamlessly integrate with your Audatex Estimating platform. You can optimize your estimating process with innovative tools, including:

AudaVIN - AudaVIN is the latest innovation in vehicle identification technology from Audatex and provides the most in depth vehicle details in the industry.
Salvage & Alternative Parts Locator – With our searchable database, you’ll have access to real-time salvage and alternative parts pricing, along with online ordering.  You can conduct cost comparisons, reduce supplements and benefit from greater utilization of salvage and alternative parts. 

Paintless (hail) Dent Repair – You can automate your process for establishing paintless dent repair costs by setting up electronic dent matrixes using the Paintless Dent Repair estimator.
Networking - Abuntex networking is a simple application that forms an intergral part of the Abuntex estimating plateform  and eliminates the need to re-key estimates. The result is greater accuracy, improved productivity, smoother workflow and faster cycle times, higher customer and insurance carrier satisfaction. When an assessment is prepared using the Audatex estimating solution, the claim can be networked to a repairer who can easily import the quote.  The estimate and all supporting documentation is downloaded directly into your Audatex estimating platform via a secure server. A full audit trail of changes to the quote is kept.  Versions of the quote can be compared at any time.