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Audatex 3D Intelligent Graphics

Audatex has been at the forefront of estimating innovations over the past 30 years. As a market leader, we are once again driving change and innovation with 3D Intelligent Graphics. 

Clearer Parts View
5-8 levels of Zoom
Colour coding
360 Rotations
Zoom Functionality
Parts Perspective 

360 Degree Rotation

For the first time in estimating software, you can now rotate vehicle sections, assemblies and individual parts 360 degrees, making it much easier to distinguish between parts and select the correct damaged part. 

Zoom Functionality

Now you can zoom in on assemblies or individual parts, helping you isolate, select and order the right part, first time. 

Parts in Perspective

With 3D graphics, you see vehicles parts exactly as they appear in relation to one another on a vehicle. Identifying parts visually is easier and guesswork is eliminated.