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FAQ Support Desk


1) Having issues logging in online and have locked yourself out of Abuntex?

Just click on the Reset Password Button and it will conveniently send you an e-mail with a reset password in order for you to change the password.


2) Timeout errors while trying to connect or even when working on Abuntex?.

Double check you internet connection by browsing the web and go to www.bbc.co.uk to see if the internet is up and running.


3) Are you recieveing an Error 101?

This means that your Abuntex data is out of date. Please close off Abuntex and run your AudaUpdate. The latest data and models will be downloaded to your Abuntex.


4) Are you unable to run AudaUpdate in Windows 7?

Check your version of Internet Explorer by just opening up Internet Explorer, click on the Sprocket on the top right and then click on “About Internet Explorer”. If you are running Internet Explorer 11, please contact us to assist you to remove this version.