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1/2 Day QapterConnect and AudaInvoice

This course combines QapterConnect and AudaInvoice, these integrated products work together to drive an efficient workflow which benefits the vehicle owner, work provider and panelbeater

QapterConnect is a web-based application that connects repair shops with their customers. Repair shops can interact in real time with their customers by providing them daily vehicle status updates and photos. This provides a workflow management tool from start to finish.

Course Objective

Learn how to accept new jobs or add new vehicles. Understand how to navigate through the system and how to update repair statuses. Learn how to upload photos and repair notes using the web or mobile app.

Course Format

  • Login
  • Accept or Reject a Repair Order
  • Complete details for a Repair Order
  • View or add alerts
  • Add notes
  • Upload photos
  • Bulk photo upload
  • Print Queue tab
  • Update Status
  • Complete

AudaInvoice is a rules-based repair claims settlement service which interfaces to Abuntex. The system has been designed to streamline the invoicing and payment process between bodyshops and their work providers. The system allows users to track the progress of the payment.

Course Objective

Learn how to track the progress of the payment all the way through the invoice process.

Course Format

  • View invoices
  • Search for invoices
  • Request payment
  • Upload attachments
  • Print invoices
  • View invoice history
  • Track the progress of a payment
  • Produce a VAT invoice

NB: You MUST be proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows.


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